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Pregnancy weight gain

Pregnancy Weight Gain-How Much Gain Is Reasonable?

For those fortunate enough to be carrying a new life within them, it’s only natural to find out if you should  pregnancy weight gain more or less. The answer is going to be relatively standard with everyone, though each person will carry it a little differently. For most of your life, you have been working with the idea that weight gain is bad, but pregnancy weight gain is a very good thing because it is a sign of a healthy baby. For the most accurate answer to the question, you should ask your health care professional, but this article will give you an idea of what to expect.

Pregnancy Weight Gain: Depends on Your Body Size

The answer is largely going to vary somewhat from person to person based on their body size prior to pregnancy. Those who are underweight should gain more than those who are overweight. Underweight women should expect to gain anywhere from 28-40 pounds. The average weight person should gain 25-35 pounds, and the overweight woman should gain around 15-25 pounds.

You should plan on gaining only about three or four pounds in the first trimester and then about a pound per week of the pregnancy. This, of course, will be more in those who are carrying multiples.

Pregnancy weight gain

Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Are 40 Pounds Too Much?

Here is a breakdown of how that extra weight is distributed.

– About 8 pounds of this will be baby, eventually. This will be different for each child, but the average weight will be around 8 pounds.

– About 2-3 pounds of this will be the placenta.

– Another 2-3 pounds will be amniotic fluid.

– 2-3 pounds will be extra breast tissue.

– 4 pounds of this will be extra blood supply.

– Anywhere from 5 -9 pounds will be in extra fat for the delivery and breastfeeding.

– The last 2-5 pounds will be due to the increase in the size of the uterus.

If you feel you are pregnant weight gain too much, discuss it with your health care professional. Most likely you aren’t pregnant weight gain too much and if you are you should probably never try to lose weight. If you do lose weight, it could have a negative effect on the development of your baby. You should be keeping your healthcare professional in the loop about all changes going on so they can make sure that the baby is healthy.

Worried About Not Gaining Enough Weight?

Pregnancy weight gain

If you are worried about not gaining enough weight, try to eat more often during the day. Keep quick and ready-to-eat snacks nearby so that you can take care of those hunger pangs that seem to come out of nowhere. You are supposed to be eating around 100-300 more calories per day when you are pregnant than before you are pregnant so eat foods that are high in protein and that will put you at the number of calories you should be eating daily. Pile on the extra everything when you eat. Eat more gravy on your potatoes, more ketchup on your fries, and more cheese on your hamburgers.

In everything during your pregnancy, keep your health care professional apprised of what is happening. Voice all concerns you have and ask for advice. They will be the ultimate authority on questions like how much weight you should gain during pregnancy.


What trimester do you gain the most weight?

You don’t need to gain much weight in the first trimester. You should only gain 1 to 4 pounds in the first trimester.
During the second and third trimesters, your weight gain should be fairly steady at between 1.5 kg and 1 pound weekly.
For many women, weight gain slows or stops in the last month. Therefore, most women gain the most weight in the second trimester of pregnancy.

How much weight should I gain each trimester?

Weight gain depends in part on your body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy. During the first 12 weeks, you may gain only 1 to 5 pounds or not gain weight at all. During the second and third trimesters, you will gain between half a pound and 1 pound per week.
The key to healthy weight gain is to increase calorie intake slowly. During the first trimester, no extra calories are usually needed. In the second trimester, you need an extra 340 calories per day, and in the third trimester, you need about 450 extra calories per day.

How can I avoid big weight gain during pregnancy?

Some tips to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy:
Don’t eat for two.
Drink a lot of water.
Get enough sleep.
Gentle exercise.
Eat smaller, more frequent meals.
There must be fiber and protein in every meal.
Get enough calcium, iron, and folate.

How much weight should I have gained at 22 weeks?

Usually, at 22 weeks, your gynecologist wants to see you gain about 1 pound a week. Of course, this is average and everyone is different.

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