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The Mayans’ Lost Guide To Alli Weight Loss Pills

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight, you’ve most likely been introduced to the Alli weight loss pills. They are renowned all over the world. But does Alli work?

The Safest And Most Effective Weight Loss Pills

The active ingredient in Alli weight loss pills is orlistat and these pills represent the only over-the-counter weight loss aid that is accepted by the FDA. Alli weight loss pills aren’t all you get when you make your purchase. You also get a customized and detailed weight loss plan. Basically, you must understand that just taking a couple of pills will not get you the results you desire.

You also need a plan of action and you must be dedicated to this plan. Alli will greatly assist you since it actually prevents your body from absorbing about a quarter of the fat you eat. If you maintain a healthy, reduced-calorie and low-fat diet, the Alli weight loss pills can make a significant impact in your weight since they prevent a percentage of calories from actually entering into your system. 

Alli weight loss pills

Alli marketers claim that these capsules can help you to lose up to 50% more weight than just if you were just dieting. This translates to you losing 15 pounds instead of just ten if you are taking the pills. Keep in mind that you should never try to lose a great deal of weight all at once.  You should aim for 3 pounds at the very most per week.

Notes When Using Alli Weight Loss Pills

Another important advantage of Alli weight loss pills is that they don’t affect your brain or heart–they only have an impact on your digestive system. one of the most common negative side effects of using Alli is that you may have to run to the bathroom right away after eating a meal with too much fat. So, does Alli work?

Maybe too well. Other side effects include gas and oily spotting when you go to the bathroom or loose stools. Unlike some other weight loss supplements, Alli won’t make you feel jittery or restless or cause you difficulty sleeping. 

It is recommended that if you do take Alli weight loss pills, you also take vitamins as some of these will be flushed out along with the fat. Also, as mentioned earlier, you do need to stick to a plan of some sort. The pills alone will probably not get your desired results. The daily recommendation is three pills every day (one before each meal).

Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

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Gentle fitness regime


Remember that results vary from one person to the next and that Alli is only meant to be an aid in your weight loss plan. If you maintain a healthy diet, keep up with regular exercise and get enough sleep, you should be able to get positive results within the first six months of following the plan and taking the pills. Avoid the temptation to lose your weight too fast. This will only backfire in the long- (or even the not so long-) run.

Does Alli work? Yes, but not without you being dedicated to a weight loss plan.


Does Alli help lose belly fat?

Yes! Alli can help reduce your waistline by more than 2 inches (5.08 cm) in 6 months.
According to the manufacturer of Alli, you can lose a significant amount of belly fat within 12 to 24 weeks of using the drug.

How much weight can you lose on Alli?

Taking Alli along with the recommended diet will result in gradual, gentle weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds a week.
In clinical studies, most people lost 5-10 pounds within 6 months. Depends on the condition of each person.

What foods to avoid while taking Alli?

It is important that you follow a low-calorie, low-fat diet while taking this medicine. Limit your intake of fatty foods such as greasy burgers…
Choose lean cuts of meat and low-fat dairy products.
In general, no more than 30% of your calories at each meal should come from fat.

How long does it take for Alli weight loss to work?

Alli can help reduce your waistline by more than 2 inches (5.08 cm) in 6 months.
According to the manufacturer of Alli, you can lose a significant amount of belly fat within 12 to 24 weeks of using the drug.

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